Announcing Apache Rave: A new web and social mashup engine!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 7:32:00 PM

Today the Apache Software Foundation announces the Apache Rave project as new Top-Level Project.

Apache Rave is a new Open Source software mashup platform that allows developers to build and engage with an array of social network technologies such as OpenSocialW3C Widgets, and Activity Streams.

The project started only a year ago, March 1 2011, when entering the Apache Incubator as a collaborative effort by individuals from a wide range of corporations, non-commercial organizations, and institutes from around the world and was seeded by code donations from The MITRE Corporation, Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute, SURFnet, OSS Watch, Hippo, and numerous individual developers.

Rave builds on open standards and leverages and aligns with other open source projects like Apache Shindig and Apache Wookie to deliver a lightweight, flexible, widget-based platform that easily scales across federated application integrations, social intranets, and multi-channel social communities with enhanced personalization and customized content delivery.

Besides supporting the OpenSocial standard, Apache Rave generalized the concept of widgets to also, and transparently, support W3C Widgets. And through its open and pluggable API adding support for other widget containers and renderes can easily be added.

Members of the Apache Rave project are also active participants and contributors of the OpenSocial Foundation and the W3C organization, and directly involved in Apache Shindig, Wookie and many other related open source projects. Apache Rave is truly a community driven open source project and already is building up a lot of interest from commercial, non-commercial, governmental and individual developers across the globe. The ASF announcement references several high profile organizations using and contributing to Rave today, and of course the project is looking for more!

Please meet and join us at

Posted on behalf of Ate Douma & the Apache Rave Team by Mark Weitzel, President, OpenSocial Foundation

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