announces the launch of its OpenSocial Container

Friday, May 15, 2009 at 3:26:00 PM

Hola! My name is Alvaro Teijeiro and I am Sonico’s development manager.

I’m happy to announce that Sonico has recently launched its OpenSocial developer sandbox! is one of the leading social networks in Latin America with more than 35 million registered users. Positioned as the second largest social network in Brazil, Sonico is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. We’re currently looking for select launch partners that can work with us to provide valuable engaging apps for our upcoming June production launch.

To request access to the developer sandbox, visit

Sonico is a social communication platform launched in July 2007 that merges social utility and entertainment to communicate and keep in touch with friends, family and co-workers. Sonico has been developed with a strong emphasis in user legitimacy, privacy and personalization, and is being widely adopted across Latin America.

In addition to popular features such as photo and video sharing, we’ve recently launched a virtual currency system that can be used to purchase a wide variety of goods and services, such as virtual gifts, greeting cards and profile skins. We’re very excited to allow app developers to tap into this new economy and will be working towards it during the next couple of months!

Detailed specs on Sonico’s features, growth and OpenSocial implementation can be found in the following presentation:

Implementation Overview: OpenSocial v0.8.1
Sonico's OpenSocial platform includes the following:
  • Full support for the core Opensocial APIs:
    • AppData
    • People/Person
    • Activities
  • Gadget rendering of home, profile, preview and canvas views
    • Dimensions for views are the same as used by Orkut
  • Viral features:
    • requestCreateActivity
    • requestShareApp
    • requestSendMessage
  • RESTful APIs
    • RESTful and RPC protocols
Upcoming Supported Features
  • Access to PhotoAlbum API by July
  • Access to Virtual Currency API by August
For further implementation details and future updates, please see:

Developer Sandbox – Available now! (since April)
Consumer Launch - June 2009

We’re really excited to work with app developers to deliver engaging, value added applications to millions of users!

For more information regarding OpenSocial platform, please visit and/or contact us at

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