Japan's Mixi Announces Open Beta Launch of its OpenSocial Container

Thursday, April 16, 2009 at 9:30:00 AM

My name is Yoichiro Tanaka. I belong to the Platform Team of mixi, Inc. “mixi” is currently the most popular Japanese social networking service (SNS) and has more than 16.3 million registered users. I am happy to announce that we have released an open beta of “mixi apps, ” which is based on OpenSocial. The first release of the “mixi apps” container (runtime environment) was in last December, but this was only to select companies. However as of April 8th, we've opened the door to all developers!


"mixi" was launched in February 2004 as one of the first social networking services in Japan. It lets users create profiles, make friends with other users, post diaries, discuss in several communities, share pictures and music with friends, etc.

In addition to those basic features, we have been developing the mixi Platform and working with our partners (service providers or developers) on enhancing the "mixi" service for users. “mixi apps” is one of our services which lets social application providers develop applications that use social graphs formed in mixi, and provide these applications to mixi users. To achieve this, we thought OpenSocial would be the best solution.

Supported Features

  • OpenSocial core APIs (People, Activities and Persistence).
  • The gadgets "core" and "feature-Specific" APIs (The gadgets APIs are mostly supported in the open beta with full support coming in the production release).
  • A mixi specific "Community API," which allows application access to mixi community (or group) information along with its members.
Upcoming Supported Features
  • OpenSocial's RESTful Protocol will be supported in the near future as "mixi Connect."
  • The mixi platform will also support a photo album API, among other APIs.
  • Closed beta release - December 2008
  • Open beta release - Available now!
  • Consumer launch - first half of 2009
To learn more about mixi's new OpenSocial platform please visit:

http://developer.mixi.co.jp/ (Note: this site is in Japanese)

To support and engage our new mixi social applications development community, on April 23rd we will hold our first ever mixi OpenSocial developers conference, "mixi Appli Conference 2009." In addition to providing detailed information on how to build applications for "mixi apps," we will also talk about "mixi fund," which is a program that offers financial support to social application developers. More information on this conference can be found at:

http://mixi.co.jp/mixiappli-event/ (Note: this site is also in Japanese)

We believe our upcoming production release of "mixi apps" and overall support of the OpenSocial standards will enable us easily continue innovating on compelling future social services for our users.

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