Japan's goo home social network launches OpenSocial developer sandbox

Monday, March 30, 2009 at 11:06:00 AM

My name is Eiji Kitamura, and I am the OpenSocial architect at "goo," one of the biggest portal sites in Japan with over 43 million unique visitors per month. I'm happy to announce that we've recently launched an OpenSocial developer sandbox for the "goo home" social network site (SNS).

The new goo developer sandbox is open to anyone, and we welcome developers to start building and testing OpenSocial applications on our platform. Please be advised however, that the site is in currently only in Japanese.


"goo Home" originally launched in October 2007 with the goal of making the web more social. It lets users create a profile, build relationships with friends, and share all kinds of activities through blog posts, bookmarks, locations on map, videos, pictures, restaurant reviews, etc. However, when we launched these services in 2007, the technology was proprietary. Now, they are implemented using standard OpenSocial technologies!

OpenSocial Supported Features

Here are some details of the OpenSocial API support offered by goo:

  • Full support for core OpenSocial areas
    • AppData
    • People/Person
    • Activities
  • Gadget rendering support for 'home', 'profile', and 'canvas' views
  • Extensive privacy controls on personal attributes. (ex: not returning attributes when set as private by user)
  • Specific support for viral features:
    • requestCreateActivity(with permission control)
      • MediaItem supported
    • requestShareApp
    • requestPermission (requests one time permission for profile viewer's personal information)
Note: OpenSocial REST/RPC services are not yet supported, but we expect to support them in the near future.

In addition to general support of OpenSocial application development, we've expanded the social features in the following areas:
  • Added feed import functionality for 30 external services
  • Emoji (emoticon) support
  • opensocial-jquery support (courtesy of Nobuhiro Nakajima)
Launch Timeline
  • Developer Sandbox - Available now!
  • Consumer Launch - Late April, 2009
Getting Started

All OpenSocial developers who have a basic knowledge of Japanese can get started today by registering an account at goo's developer sandbox (http://developer.home.goo.ne.jp/).

On our developer site you'll also find plenty of helpful OpenSocial technical information with detailed documentation on our OpenSocial support. (Note: all content is in Japanese.)

We hope the support of OpenSocial standards in our new platform inspires new and uniquely Japanese innovations for the evolution of the social web!

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