Friendster Launches OpenSocial for 75 Million Users!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 12:50:00 PM

Friendster just deployed OpenSocial, v0.7, as part of the Friendster Developer Program. OpenSocial applications can now be introduced to over 75 million Friendster users around the world, 55 million of those are in Asia - Friendster has the largest social networking user base in Asia. Friendster also plans to support additional OpenSocial APIs in the coming months, including the new v0.8 API.

The Friendster Developer Program, launched in late 2007, and has seen significant traction to date with over 10 million unique users adding apps since launch. OpenSocial will further enhance the program by giving OpenSocial developers the opportunity to easily migrate their apps into the program.

Some great things to note about Friendster’s Developer Progam:

  • It’s the only way to reach the largest social networking user base in Asia
  • It has a completely open revenue model, ads are allowed anywhere in your app, no revenue share with Friendster
  • To propel your app throughout the network, Friendster has implemented viral channels including requestSendMessage and requestShareApp
  • There is very low overlap between Friendster’s user base and other social networks, so this is excellent chance to get new users installing your apps globally
Developers can view the latest technical documentation, and register for the program, at Developers are also encouraged to join the OpenSocial Friendster Developer group. To view the current directory of third-party applications already launched on Friendster, go to

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